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Morning Fresh Bakeries was started in 1972, in Blissfield, Michigan by Jerry Gallatin, a 21-year-old soon to be graduate of Eastern Michigan University.

It was Jerry's intention to operate the bakery for a short time, until he found a teaching position. Forty-four years later, he has yet to teach school!

All About Family
So Sweet

In 1979, he married his wife, Patricia, who joined him in not only marriage, but a life-long business partner.

Over the years, all three of their children have at times been involved in the bakery, and currently daughter Jami operates the South Main location in Adrian.

We Love to ServeWe Love to Serve

In 1985, we purchased the South Main Adrian location in a tax sale.

Two years earlier, we had purchased the North Main property and opened a small one room building to sell donuts from. This location in 1992 became the home to our BP gas and convenience store.

In 2013, we purchased the Doughnut Box at 1121 Louisiana Ave in Perrysburg, Ohio.

A Place Like Home
Like Home

The South Store is a meeting place for a cross section of people around the area. You are not a stranger very long at our store! The large serving coffee counter allows anyone to interact with customers that sit there.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all day & night. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at this location.

The South Main store over the years has become a meeting place for many people. the decor of the store and large u-shaped cofffee counter is a reminder of the early 70's when the store was built.